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Welcome to my personal website. Please note that I am not updating this site as often as I used to as I have started blogging more regularly on Peoplemove Blog. My Twitter account is @DilipRatha.

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New! TED Talk: The hidden force in global economics: sending money home, October 2014

New! Outlook for migration and remittance flows, 2014-2017, October 2014

Remittance flows to developing countries are expected to reach $454 billion in 2015. Forced migration reached record high, over 73 million.

New! Emerging market sovereign bonds: Does it cost more to issue a bond under the English law?

During 2008-2012, post-crisis, launching a sovereign US dollar bond under English law increased spreads by more than a third on average. In other words, by choosing the UK law, a nation rated B+ apparently paid 7.7% interest rate per annum instead of 6 percent, and a nation rated BB paid nearly 5.7% instead of 4.5%. See presentation for more details.

Migration and Remittances during the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond, June 2012.

Harnessing Diasporas,” Finance and Development, September 2011.

Shadow Sovereign Ratings, Economic Premise, August 2011.

A Bond for the Homeland,” Foreign Policy, May 2011.

Three Africa Migration reports released by the World Bank in 2011:

Leveraging Migration for Africa: Remittances, Skills, and Investments

Diaspora for Development in Africa

Remittance Markets in Africa

Migration household surveys in Africa:

Burkina Faso




South Africa


Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011

“Diaspora bonds: Tapping the diaspora during difficult times,” Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Pollicy, October 2010

Actual and predicted ratings for rated developing countries. This is a hand-out for my keynote presentation at the Euromoney Agency Finance Conference in Washington D.C. on June 19, 2009. Our model for predicting sovereign ratings seems to be working. The original working paper is now published in World Development volume 39, March 2011.

  Updated 10/11/2014